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Asparagus, Watercress and Pan-roasted Cherry Tomato Risotto

Serves: 4

Ready in: 30 to 60 mins

Asparagus, Watercress and Pan-roasted Cherry Tomato Risotto Recipe: Live Green & Good


4 tbsp olive oil
4 shallots finely chopped
2 garlic cloves sliced
2 bundles of asparagus trimmed and cut into 3cm lengths
100g red and yellow cherry tomatoes cut in half
200g risotto rice
1 small glass of vegetarian white wine
1lt hot vegetable stock
2 bunches of watercress roughly chopped
50g lightly salted butter, cut into cubes
50g grated vegetarian Parmesan-style cheese
cracked black pepper


  • In a large saucepan, heat 2 tbsp olive oil and then add the shallots and garlic. Sweat for 10 minutes until the shallots and garlic turn translucent without any colour.
  • While the shallots and garlic are cooking, heat a medium sized frying pan and add the rest of the oil. When the oil stars to smoke, add the asparagus and tomatoes. Season with salt and pepper, cook for a 30 seconds or until the tomatoes start to wilt slightly, then remove from the heat and set aside.
  • By now the onions should be ready. Stir in the rice and keep cooking and stirring until the rice has also turned translucent, then add the wine and simmer until it has reduced by half.
  • Now start to add the hot stock, stirring the rice every now and then. Keep adding the stock a little at a time until the rice is cooked with a slight bite to it. About 20 minutes.
  • When the rice is cooked, stir in the watercress, asparagus and tomatoes. Remove from the heat and add the butter and half of the cheese, seasoning with salt and pepper.
  • Serve in warm bowls, sprinkled with the rest of the cheese.
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