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Zero-waste hacks for using leftover fruit

Don't let those leftovers go to waste. Instead, rehash them into something equally as delicious

Zero-waste hacks for using leftover fruit

Let's admit it: despite our best efforts, many of us end up throwing away fruit that's gone off. And with the glut of British berries this season, it's difficult not to buy more vibrant, fresh fruit than we know what to do with. Naturally, cutting back on the amount of food you buy is a great way to reduce your food waste from the get-go. But if you do find yourself with surplus fruits and don't know what to do with them, there are some really creative ways of using them up, other than simply eating them as is, or turning them into jam (which we do still love to do!).

Here, food waste expert and Oddbox co-founder Emilie Vanpoperinghe shares her tips and tricks. These summery treats are perfect for garden picnics and summery pack-lunches!

1. Berry sauce

Turn a punnet of berries into a compote or sauce to drizzle over your morning waffles or pancakes. Simply add your berries, such as raspberries, blackberries or strawberries (or a mixture), to a pan with a little honey or sugar if you like, add a squeeze of lemon juice and simmer until broken down into a saucy consistency, stirring occasionally. Store in the fridge, or freeze for up to two months.

2. Summer spritzers

Spike sparkling water with puréed fruit for a colourful, more exciting twist on H20. Make a sauce (as above) with berries, nectarines or peaches, blitz it in a blender, then add a splash to a glass of plain or sparkling water with plenty of ice and a sprig of fresh mint.

3. Fruity booze

Soak fruit in alcohol for a delicious summer appetiser or dessert. Try soaking chopped pineapple in rum, brown sugar and spices for a few days, or steep sliced peaches in bourbon. Citrus peels will also add flavour to vodka or gin – try this recipe on Jamie Oliver’s blog.

4. Fruit chutney

Turn a glut of plums, apples and pears into chutney for your BBQ veggie burgers. Team them up with vinegar and spices for a condiment that’ll last you the summer. Or give your chutney away to friends for a lovely personalised gift (at a social distance of course!).

5. Citrus ice cubes

Freeze the squeezed husks of lemons, limes or oranges, then add to a jug of cold water for a zesty twist.

6. Homemade ice lollies

Transforming a surplus of fruit into smoothies is a great idea, but take it a step further and freeze your blend in lollipop moulds for a refreshing, healthy treat the kids will love. You could also make your own creamy Mini Milks – blend berries with natural yoghurt and whole milk, then freeze in moulds.

7. Cheat's mango ice cream

Got some plain ice cream in the freezer? Blitz ripe mangoes in a blender, add ice cream, blend again, then eat.