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The Vegetarian Pie Recipes Your Family Will Love!

We've rounded up the best vegetarian pies, including a vegetarian shepherd's pie, mushroom pie recipe, banoffee pie recipe, and much more

The Vegetarian Pie Recipes Your Family Will Love!

Is there anything more comforting than a delicious, hearty pie? We don’t think so! The beauty of pie recipes lies in their ability to combine different tastes and textures. Quite simply, pies can never be boring.

There’s no part of a pie that won’t light your senses on fire. From creamy, rich sauces, to vegetables that melt in your mouth within a crisp, flaky crust, you’re sure to be satisfied.

Buckle up, as we’re taking you on a journey through the best vegetarian pie recipes we know. Start out with our selection of sumptuous savory pie recipes, including a delectable vegetarian cottage pie that simply must be tasted. If sweet stuff is more your thing, then why not try the beautiful apple and plum pie? The lattice pastry work will wow any audience.

There’s no month of the year that doesn’t call for a pie. Whether you fancy a pot pie in winter, an autumnal berry pie, or a summertime banoffee dessert, you deserve to indulge. So, what are you waiting for? Get stuck in!

Savory Vegetarian Pie Recipes

Butternut Squash, Mild Feta and Spinach Vegetarian Filo Pie

This hearty dinner is great for lazy Sundays with your family. After tossing your sweet potatoes in olive oil, it’s an easy pie to put together. Plus, the pastry brushed with melted butter makes a delicious, indulgent base. The vegetarian pie filling is full of goodness, with spinach and pine nuts making a star appearance.

Vegetarian Mushroom Pie

Creamy mushrooms and leeks encased in a crispy, golden pie crust. Delicious, filling and a great choice to serve to both vegans and non-vegans. Once it’s in the oven, it’ll be ready in fewer than 30 minutes. Copyright: The Vegan Society, 2018.

Vegetable Pie Recipe

Serve up this decadent centrepiece for a weekend treat! Simply roast your veggies for 20 minutes, and combine mascarpone and herbs in a large bowl. Putting it together afterwards is a doddle, and the mix creates a whole lot of flavour in this pie.

Vegetarian Cottage Pie Recipe: Sweet Potato Pie Recipe

The best vegetable dishes are often those that make clever use of bold flavours and hearty textures. This one, with its umami-rich Worcester sauce and red wine, is no less satisfying than the traditional meaty version. It’s the ultimate cheese and potato pie recipe, too!

Vegetarian Shepherd’s Pie Recipe

The key to a successful vegetarian shepherd’s pie is lentils. Let the lentil stew cook for a lot longer than you’d think. The texture and flavour will resemble a meaty version so accurately that your meat-eating friends will never guess! You can also make a tasty vegetarian shepherd’s pie with Quorn.

Vegetarian Pot Pies

These are the ultimate dairy-free pies to warm you up on a chilly day! They’ll look really elegant when served in their pie dishes.

Sweet Vegetarian Pie Recipes

Apple Pie and Plum Pie Recipe

Delicious, warming and simple to make – this apple pie recipe is also great for preparing in advance for a dinner party. The pastry is a mini work of art, and when brushed with egg yolk, its shimmer is sure to tempt you.

Apple and Blackberry Pie Recipe

This is a great dessert to use up any frozen berries you might have lurking. The shortcrust pastry makes for a crispy bottom crust, too.

Key Lime Pie Recipe

A classic, zingy dessert that never goes out of style. If you want to cut the sugar content, use evaporated milk instead of condensed milk.

Classic Banoffee Pie

Banoffee pie is a true classic, and this delicious one is easy to whip up. Slice the bananas, melt the brown sugar, and add whipped cream, and you’ve got a dessert to die for.

Vegetarian Mince Pies

If you’re wondering ‘are mince pies vegetarian’: the answer is yes, they can be. And, you can even enjoy vegan mince pies! These little beauties are both vegan and gluten-free. We recommend making plenty as they won’t last long!