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SPONSORED: A reusable bottle for every occasion

Klean Kanteen's stylish and practical bottles are the perfect addition to your plastic-free essentials kit

SPONSORED: A reusable bottle for every occasion

You can never have too many reusable bottles, and with Klean Kanteen, you can find one for every occasion. Whether you’re out hiking, enjoying a day of sightseeing in the big city, or playing with the kids, find the perfect bottle to suit your needs.

100% plastic-free thermal Kanteen

The Insulated 750ml TKPro is a 2020 UK Outdoor Industry award-winning flask. Winning the accessories category, it’s the perfect flask to have by your side on picnics, camping or hiking trips. The TKPro is 100% plastic-free, showing our commitment to sustainability and the environment. Perfect for sipping coffee in the park or on your next adventure, the TKPro is your built-to-last solution. Make sure it’s in your bag before any day out – you won’t want to be without it! Available in our popular Shale Black or Brushed Stainless, for a sleek and functioning finish.

Versatile and portable

The popular vacuum-insulated TKWide bottle is ideal for a variety of functions. The Café Cap makes it perfect for hot coffee or tea on-the-go, or why not try swapping to the Chug Cap for instant hydration and ice-cold drinks? Available in a range of bright colours, this bottle was designed with versatility in mind. In one package, you’ve got the best water bottle, coffee mug, sport bottle and insulated cup. With a range of compatible caps and an easy-carry swivel loop, it’s a bottle you’ll always want by your side.

Designed for easy transition as kids grow up

Klean Kanteen’s range of kid’s bottles will be with your child as they grow. From sippy to sports caps, you can swap compatible caps to fit the same bottle. BPA-free and made from stainless steel, the Kid Kanteen bottles are hardy against the knocks that come with adventurous little ones playing! With the chip-resistant Klean Coat®, the fun range of colours and graphic designs keep hydration fun. We aim to replace a lifetime of single-use plastic with each bottle, so by starting your child young and getting a Kid Kanteen, you’re helping to reduce the threat of single-use plastic.

Reflect on sustainability

The 100% plastic-free Reflect bottle was designed deliberately to embody the ethos of sustainability and protecting the environment. Made from only three materials – stainless steel, sustainably harvested bamboo and food-grade silicone – it contains no paint and no plastic. Available in both single wall and insulated bottles, you can keep contents iced for up to 40 hours. As a certified carbon neutral company, Klean Kanteen’s commitment is perfectly summed up by the Reflect bottle. If you want a truly natural, reusable water bottle to replace plastic, look no further than the Reflect bottle.

The original stainless steel water bottle

Klean Kanteen’s original BPA-free, stainless steel water bottle was the Classic. It has been redesigned and improved over the years, but you still can’t beat the bottle that started it all. Designed with easy hydration in mind for both adults and children, it’s lightweight and available in single wall and insulated bottles. The Climate Lock™ vacuum insulation provides the Classic bottle with the capability of keeping contents ice cold for up to 90 hours with the biggest 32oz insulated bottle. A range of compatible caps also allow you to tailor this bottle to your needs.

Your ideal hands-free companion

If you want to be hands-free on your adventures, but still need your Klean Kanteen accessible, then the Bottle Sling is the perfect answer. Made from 100% recycled PET plastic, the Bottle Sling fits a range of Klean Kanteen bottles, up to the 40oz adult bottles! It’s the ideal solution to carrying bottles whilst on the move. Available in three colours, it makes life so much easier when you’ve got your hands full juggling coats and bags of snacks for daytime adventures.