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7 Foods & Drinks That Are Good for Your Gut

From fibre-rich blends to fermented foods, try these gut-friendly goodies

7 Foods & Drinks That Are Good for Your Gut
We know that the health of our gut is extremely important, and experts agree that it's intrinsically linked with our overall wellbeing. If you're looking for easy and delicious ways to pack in more gut-friendly ingredients like fibre, fermented food, and pre- and probiotics, then these food and drinks are worth giving a go.

1. Momo Kombucha, £26.50 for case of six, available online and through select independent retailers across the UK

Kombucha has long been regarded as being great for your gut, and the drink is rising in popularity as more people seek out functional foods with plenty of nutritional benefits. Kombucha is essentially a mildly fizzy and slightly sour drink that's made from sweetened tea and scoby, a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeasts. The resulting fermentation is what makes kombucha a good source of probiotics, which are said to help balance the gut microbiome and improve digestion. Brewed in London’s new Covent Garden Market, Momo Kombucha is organic, unfiltered and produced in small batches using an old-fashioned way of brewing that’s said to produce a higher quality product. It’s available in three flavours: Ginger-Lemon, Turmeric and Elderflower.

7 Foods & Drinks That Are Good for Your Gut

2. Nim's Fruit Crisps, £1,

We all know we should be eating our fruit and veg, but did you know that fruits are high in fibre? What’s more, dried fruit has a more concentrated amount of gut-friendly fibre, making it a great snack option, particularly if you’re constantly on the go. Fibre is essential for promoting the growth of healthy bacteria in your bowels, and a 20g portion of dried fruit or veg is said to contain between 2-4g of fibre, which contributes to 6-12% of an adult’s recommended daily fibre intake. Nim’s Fruit & Vegetable Crisps are a great option as they leave on the skin, packing in even more fibre, among other nutrients, plus 80% of the fruit and veg that goes into these little bags is grown in the UK. Each bag contains one of your five-a-day, and the crisps are made with an air-drying process that uses no oils, chemicals or additives. They’re also vegan and gluten-free.

7 Foods & Drinks That Are Good for Your Gut

3. Linwoods MULTIBOOST Milled Hemp Seed Blends, £4.99, Planet Organic

Fibre is vital for gut health, and hemp seeds are a great source of fibre, as well as being an environmentally friendly plant. These little nutrient powerhouses are also high in plant-based protein, omega-3 (ALA) and magnesium, so make a great addition to your diet. Linwoods MULTIBOOST Milled Organic Hemp Seed Blend uses a cold milling method that makes hemp seeds easier to digest, and also releases the various health benefits within the seed. Good for you as well as the planet, hemp plants are said to return nutrients to the soil, whilst one hectare of hemp plant absorbs nearly four times the amount of carbon dioxide than one hectare of forestry. Linwoods’ blend is available in four flavours, including one with added flax and chia seeds for even more gut-friendly fibre.

7 Foods & Drinks That Are Good for Your Gut

4. Nush Spreadable Cheese, £2.75, Marks & Spencer

South East London-based family business Nush produces dairy-free yoghurt and cheese, and its latest concoction is also gut-friendly! Made with European almonds, the spreadable cheese is available in two flavours – Natural and Chive – and is made from all-natural, whole ingredients with the addition of live, vegan probiotic cultures. Left to mature overnight, it’s then seasoned with a sprinkle of British sea salt for a delicious taste. Rich in protein, the cheese is also free from gluten, soya, preservatives and additives. Enjoy it throughout the week in place of dairy products, whether that’s slathered on a jacket potato, spread atop a bagel, or added to a cheeseboard or picnic.

7 Foods & Drinks That Are Good for Your Gut

5. Beetroot and Horseradish Ketchup, £3.40,

There are so many ways to pack gut-healthy ingredients into your diet, and this ketchup is certainly a unique option! Roasted beetroot is combined with fresh horseradish and infused with herbs, spices and gut-friendly raw organic vinegar. Sweetened with agave nectar, and containing no added salt, it’s a great low-sugar, gut-friendly accompaniment for your next summer barbecue.

7 Foods & Drinks That Are Good for Your Gut

6. Oh My Gutness, £1.80, Sainsbury’s

Healthy drinks should still taste good, right? Improving your general gut health, stimulating the digestive system and boosting your overall immunity, the Oh My Gutness range of sparkling drinks is naturally fermented with water kefir grains. The vegan, organic and gluten-free drinks are free from preservatives, artificial colours, flavours and sweeteners, so if you’re also steering clear of those sugar-laden soft drinks then this is a great alternative. Available in various flavours, including Atlantic Raspberry and Ginger Lemon.

7 Foods & Drinks That Are Good for Your Gut

7. Regular Girl Starter Kit, £23.99 for 15 sachets, available on

You may be including fermented foods and plenty of fibre in your diet, but sometimes you still need a bit of help. Regular Girl is billed as the first prebiotic fibre and probiotic blend that’s also low-FODMAP certified, making it ideal for those with a sensitive gut. The prebiotic fibre is a great source of good bacteria to keep everything moving in the right direction, and works together with the Bifidobacterium lactis to promote balanced intestinal health. The flavourless blend can be sprinkled onto your favourite food or mixed into a drink, so you can increase your intake of gut-friendly nutrients every day. The starter kit includes 15 on-the-go packets and a reusable BPA-free water bottle. Regular Girl is certified organic, non-GMO project verified, gluten-free and vegetarian.

7 Foods & Drinks That Are Good for Your Gut