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3 easy vegan recipes from BOSH’s latest cookbook

Indulge in delicious plant-based meals with these recipes from Speedy BOSH!

3 easy vegan recipes from BOSH’s latest cookbook

Forget the fancy kit and hour-long recipes. The powerhouse vegan cooking duo that is Henry & Ian – aka BOSH! – have released their latest cookbook, Speedy BOSH!. Featuring over 100 recipes that can be plated up in just 30 minutes, these dishes use everyday ingredients to create fresh food that’s bursting with flavour. Here are three recipes from the book that we think you’ll love.

BOSH’s Ultimate Vegan Mac & Cheese

There’s something about creamy, cheesy pasta that is seriously comforting, and vegans shouldn’t have to miss out on this classic dish. This speedy version is exceptionally creamy, incredibly cheesy and wonderfully crunchy. Choose a vegan cheese you like the taste of and stick with it, so you know it tastes good.

Big Red Peanut Noodles

Especially these days when options for eating out are limited, there’s never been a better time to recreate your favourite takeaway at home. It saves money, is a healthier option, and saves on waste from all of those plastic takeaway containers. If you’re craving Asian cuisine, this vegan noodle dish will hit the spot. Spicy, aromatic and filling – it has got the lot! The red from the chilli, the purple from the red cabbage and the green from the herbs all look great together and taste amazing. When you throw the creamy, salty, spicy peanut sauce into the mix, you get a bowl of noodles that you wish would never end.

Tahini, Pecan and Cinnamon One-Pan Cookie

We’ve always been fans of skillet cookies: easy to make, super-gooey and highly indulgent – what’s not to love! But BOSH! has taken it to the next level with the addition of tahini and pecans, which give a wonderful nutty texture and taste. Try the recipe for yourself, then feel free to play around with different flavour combinations that take your fancy.

Speedy BOSH! by Henry Firth & Ian Theasby (HQ, HarperCollins) is available now. Photography by: Lizzie Mayson.

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