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Enjoy exclusive discounts on these ethical beauty brands

Discover something new with cruelty-free and natural skincare products


Enjoy exclusive discounts on these ethical beauty brands

Our Big Beauty Sale is here! Find a cruelty-free formula you’ll love with these ethical products that are safe for your skin and the environment.

1. Whitfords

Whitfords offers truly 100% plastic-free botanical skincare. The family business works in small batches from its south east London studio, and is on a mission to provide the conscious consumer with a viable option so they don’t have to compromise their values when it comes to skincare.

The initial range of five environmentally-sensitive and ethically-sound products includes a variety of formulations – not just oil blends and butters! They offer sustainable alternatives to palm-derived ingredients, innovative bio-ferments, peptides and liposomes for targeted delivery of active ingredients. Most of the ingredients are also purchased from cooperatives that help local people, and women, in particular. Whilst there is much more to improving our world than reducing plastic waste, Whitfords don’t want to contribute further to the plastic problem, and so choose to house products in fully reusable and endlessly recyclable, stylish aluminium jars – meaning they truly are 100% plastic- free! All of Whitfords’ luxurious and gender-neutral products are also vegan-friendly and certified cruelty-free, so there is nothing to sacrifice here. What’s more, the company plants one tree with every single product sold.

Discover the brand for yourself, and enjoy 15% off Whitfords’ products using the code K9UGNTZQ. Valid until 15 June, 2020. Visit

2. truthpaste

Looking after your teeth is as important as any other step in your skincare routine. Rid your bathroom of plastic and opt for a natural formula with truthpaste. Every reusable jar of truthpaste is packed full of essential oils that are anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory. Unlike conventional toothpaste, you won't find any nasty foaming agents, bulking agents or artificial chemicals here. Instead, truthpaste simply uses the natural properties of botanical ingredients to help fight bacteria that can cause decay and gum disease. It’s available in great-tasting flavours, too: peppermint & wintergreen or fennel for adults, and mild mint or sweet orange for the kids.

Veggie readers can enjoy a 15% discount off truthpaste when ordering online using the code VEGGIE15 at the checkout. Visit

Enjoy exclusive discounts on these ethical beauty brands

3. Essentiel Vie

Dedicated to making choices easier for you, Essentiel Vie offers a completely natural range that caters for all areas of skincare, from stretch mark recovery to daily moisturisers. Cruelty-free, purely plant-based and free from chemicals and artificial ingredients, our premium skincare contains the best botanical ingredients and pure healing essential oils to promote rejuvenation, hydration and healthy skin. Our focus is to help mums rediscover the importance of taking good care of their skin through the sleepless nights and long days, whilst creating a skincare routine that is flexible and easy to manage with three simple products.

Essentiel Vie is on a mission to redefine the beauty industry by offering a unique and healthy take on skincare, by putting our heart, soul and passion for organic skincare into creating products with absolutely no nasty artificial ingredients.

We seek to be innovators of the industry by providing new mums with natural skincare solutions that offer incredible results.

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Enjoy exclusive discounts on these ethical beauty brands

4. Nature's Kitchen

Designed to detox and purify the skin, whilst being gentle enough for the most delicate and sensitive skin types, the Purifying Skin Toning Gentle Care Face Mask from Nature’s Kitchen is packed with skin-loving ingredients such as cucumber, watermelon, green tea and natural French green clay. Made with natural, organic ingredients that are gentle and soothing for the skin, the mask will help to draw out impurities, leaving skin super soft and hydrated with no irritation. It’s also free from essential oils and 100% naturally fragranced, so you can rest assured that your skin will love the results, even if it’s super-sensitive and prone to irritation.

Usually sold for £14.99, we’re offering Veggie readers 10% off, using the code VEG20. Visit

Enjoy exclusive discounts on these ethical beauty brands


NAYA’s efficacious Everyday skincare range is committed to nature and based on science. Taking the ‘less is more’ approach, we’ve simplified the daily skincare ritual, not only because it’s more sustainable for the planet, but because it’s also more sustainable for your skin.

The multi award-winning collection contains a high concentration of plant-based nutrients and bioactive ingredients that are scientifically proven to transform the skin from within. The brand’s star ingredient – cacay oil – is sustainably sourced from the Amazon in Columbia, where NAYA works directly with farmers in harvesting the oil, to protect and cultivate 30-50 hectares within the rainforest.

The entire range is housed in glass bottles and all other materials are fully recyclable. The label is made of upcycled marble waste, and is biodegradable and water-free. Each product is vegan, cruelty-free and toxic-free. Receive an exclusive 10% discount off the entire range by using the code VEGGIE10 at checkout*. *Does not apply to our sample service or discounted products. Visit

Enjoy exclusive discounts on these ethical beauty brands

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