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5 minutes with Strictly Come Dancing‘s Tanning Superhero

Strictly Come Dancing’s tanning guru, Carrie Marsh, shares the secrets behind her vegan bronzing operation and her beauty rules…

5 minutes with <em>Strictly Come Dancing</em>‘s Tanning Superhero

I first qualified as a tanning therapist many years ago as part of my beauty course. I have always had a great passion for bronzing, and love to tan myself, so it’s always been a part of my life. Spray tanning is a confidence-boosting treatment, and I fell in love with the look on my clients’ faces once they saw their glow. I’m able to help people get ready for their wedding day, proms, birthdays, and of course, weekend parties – it’s fantastic!


I love working on the show: all of the professionals and celebrities are so much fun! They’re all lovely and down-to-earth. It can be really hectic, especially when we go to Blackpool, but it’s always a pleasure seeing all of the glowing Norvell tans on a Saturday night. My favourite contestant is close to call, but I think Debbie McGee was the most memorable. It will be hard to forget her opera singing in the tent to distract her from how cold the tanning solution was!


It’s always stressful when a client leaves after a tan, as you know that they are looking perfect, and then what they do from there you have no control over! I’ve had clients that have had hand prints on body parts or tanned palms as they’ve touched themselves while they slept. During Strictly, Debbie McGee must have slept with her hand on her face or in-between her legs (I’ve done this myself), and her palm was tanned. She left the Blackpool hotel and waved to the press with a tanned palm and it was all over the newspaper. I wanted to cry!

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