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6 ways to help this vulnerable species on International Polar Bear Day

With the climate emergency threatening their existence, find out how you can make a difference.

6 ways to help this vulnerable species on International Polar Bear Day

As global temperatures continue to rise, Arctic polar bears need our help. It's predicted that by 2050, their numbers could decline by as much as 30%. Climate change is the single biggest threat to polar bears, which are uniquely adapted to live on sea ice – and that ice is disappearing.

But it's not simply global warming that threatens the vulnerable marine mammal. As the sea ice melts away, their Arctic habitat becomes more susceptible to oil and gas exploration and increased shipping, threatening the delicate balance of the local ecosystem. What's more, in their desperation to find food, hungry polar bears are straying into villages where a human conflict is inevitable.

So what can you do to make a difference? As the world marks International Polar Bear Day on 27th February, we look at the simple steps you can take to help protect polar bears for the future.


It's 2020, and in today's society, everyone has the ability to make a difference, no matter how big or small. Our daily purchases can have a huge impact on the environment and wildlife, so arm yourself with the knowledge you need to make greener choices, whether that's switching to renewable energy supplies, or supporting green initiatives in your community.


Polar bears depend on sea ice to survive, but as global temperatures rise, the sea ice that they rely on melts more every year, threatening their existence. Campaigns such as Save Our Sea Ice are a great way to get involved in protecting vital habitats. Sign up to be an ambassador, and find out how you can be a voice for change at home and in your local community.


Our actions and habits have a huge impact on the earth. Take the WWF's Pledge for the Planet to help create lasting solutions and protect nature for future generations to enjoy. Simple changes such as reducing your food waste, changing the way you commute, and reconsidering your energy consumption could make a huge difference.

6 ways to help this vulnerable species on International Polar Bear Day


No, you can't really welcome a polar bear into your home, but you can symbolically adopt one, helping to protect individuals from afar. Through WWF, you can make monthly contributions that help the foundation to take vital steps to protect the endangered species as well as other threatened wildlife.


Social media is a powerful tool, especially when it comes to spreading a message about important causes such as conservation. Make the most of it by sharing causes and tips from groups like WWF. You can also follow hashtags such as #InternationalPolarBearDay, #SaveOurSeaIce, and #PolarBearsInternational to find out more and reshare posts.


Support non-profit organisations that are working tirelessly to protect polar bears and their habitats by donating to the cause.

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