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Vegan? Just Ask!

With Veganuary in full swing, treat yourself to one of Ask Italian's new vegan dishes

Vegan? Just Ask!
Whether you're a lifelong vegan or just going plant-based for the month (along with the thousands of others taking part in Veganuary), cooking at home has probably been a breeze so far this year. Once you put veg as the stars of the show they take on a whole new lease of life and the possibilities are endless for your kitchen creations. But what about that dreaded moment when you're invited out for dinner? Worse still, what if you have to eat out with meat eaters? Fear not, Ask Italian restaurants has provided a solution, with their vegan menu – so you can breathe a sigh of relief that everyone's culinary needs will be catered for – phew! lentil bolognese
If you're after fresh produce, traditional dishes and a reasonably priced menu, you can expect all three from this high street chain. Must-tries this month include the vegan bruschetta (the marinated tomatoes are enough to brighten the greyest of January days), lentil spaghetti bolognese (already a firm fave) and to finish, don't leave without trying the award-winning blood orange & chocolate tart with raspberry sorbet (a thing of beauty). And, if you're really struggling with those cheese cravings, you can get your gooey fix with their vegan mozzarella pizza – topped with delicious veggies like marinated artichokes, grilled aubergines and roasted peppers. You can check out the new menu at vegan pizza

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