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The Ultimate Mother’s Day Ethical Gift Guide

Inspiring gift ideas for Mother's Day 2020

The Ultimate Mother’s Day Ethical Gift Guide
Mother's Day 2020 isn't about buying mum a bouquet of flowers. Go the extra mile this year by gifting something unique and ethical, from healthy lifestyle tea, to a zero-waste food subscription service.

1. Offblak Tea Gift Set, £13.99,

We love the creative tea blends and stylish packaging from new tea brand Offblak, so if mum's a tea drinker, we reckon she will, too! Offlbak's tea gift sets each contain three boxes of 12 teabags (36 teabags per set), plus next day delivery available if you've left your gift buying til the last minute! The healthy teas taste as good as they look, are made with whole leaf tea, and contain only natural ingredients. Choose from four collections: Glow, Chill Out, Fully Charged and Caff Free.

2. Oddbox eGiftcard voucher, minimum amount £10,

If your mum loves cooking and is looking to reduce food waste in the kitchen this year, then a subscription to Oddbox could be the perfect present! Food-waste-fighting fruit and veg subscription service Oddbox has launched an Oddbox eGiftcard Voucher this year just in time for Mother's Day, and it's an ideal gift to show someone who cares about the planet, to show them that you care, too.

The Ultimate Mother’s Day Ethical Gift Guide

3. Optimism Hand Care Gift Set, £25,

All of this handwashing can wreak havoc on hands, so what better way to treat mum than with an ethical handcare set to keep her skin soft and supple! The award-winning Optimism Handcare Gift Set from Eloise Hall makes the perfect pampering present this Mother's Day. This vegan kit, which is handmade in England with 100% natural ingredients, features mood-boosting bright citrus and calming delicate floral notes to enliven, restore balance, and reconnect with nature. The gift set includes the Optimism Uplifting Hand Wash, fragranced with grapefruit and sweet orange, and the Optimism Enriching Hand Cream, scented with mandarin and geranium essential oils.

The Ultimate Mother’s Day Ethical Gift Guide

4. Gold Recycled Sari Earrings and Bracelet, £6.99 and £8.99,

If your mum loves her accessories, then this set will make a beautiful addition to her jewellery box. The delicate drop earrings add an exciting element to any outfit, whilst the bead bracelet will provide a pop of colour. Both are crafted from recycled sari materials, making each piece unique. The ultimate gift that gives back, the jewellery helps support women artisans from underprivileged communities by empowering them to learn new skills, and be financially independent.

The Ultimate Mother’s Day Ethical Gift Guide

5. Eden Canopy Clear Glass Tall Vase, £32,

If you want to branch out from the traditional bouquet of flowers you buy mum every year, then this beautiful vase is ideal. Created by melting down bottles and jars, and blowing the molten liquid into a new shape and form, it’s a unique gift that makes a stylish and sustainable statement.

The Ultimate Mother’s Day Ethical Gift Guide

6. The Jam Garden, £50,

If mum fancies herself as a bit of a Mary Berry, then help her along her cooking journey with The Jam Garden crate from The Gluttonous Gardener. The fantastically fruity gift is ideal for mums who want to give jam-making a go. The crate includes a healthy blackberry bush, a loganberry bush, a personalised wooden spoon, care and cultivation instructions in case things go a bit pear-shaped (pun intended!), plus delicious jam recipes to sweeten the deal. She’ll be whipping up jars’ worth of spreads in no time.

The Ultimate Mother’s Day Ethical Gift Guide

7. The Natura Collection, £90,

Every mother deserves a bit of TLC, and this gift set from Nini Organics will help mum indulge in a bit of self-care. Included in the kit is the Natura Miracle Mask, Natura Detox Oil and Natura Detox Foam – all suitable for problematic skin that needs some love and nourishment.

The Ultimate Mother’s Day Ethical Gift Guide

8. Mete Turkish Women’s Dressing Gown, £95,

Lazy Sundays and post-bath time relaxation will be that much more blissful with this kimono-style dressing gown. Featuring wide sleeves, deep pockets and a sash belt, the vintage-inspired piece is hand-loomed in Turkey using 100% natural cotton for a soft, lightweight and quick-drying robe that’s perfect for mum, whether she’s at home or on holiday.

The Ultimate Mother’s Day Ethical Gift Guide

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