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SPONSORED: The power of plants

SPONSORED: The power of plants

Many people are aware of protein from animal sources: egg white, milk and whey protein, and meat. However, nutritional supplements from plant-based proteins are comparably unknown; many people are not aware of the benefits of these sources. January is Veganuary month, and if you are looking at changing your diet significantly, you need to ensure you are getting what your body needs. If training is part of your New Year’s resolutions, then protein powders will form an important part of your lifestyle change.

There is a growing trend of people following different eating habits such as flexitarian, pescatarian, and vegetarian. In the last couple of years, we have seen a considerable uptake in whole food, plant-based vegan diets and the availability of vegan protein supplements. Scitec Nutrition's plant-based protein is vegan, dairy and lactose, free as well as gluten free and contains no GMOs. Made from 100% pea protein isolate, their 100% Plant Protein uses different sources of vegetable proteins in combinations which provide the best micronutrients so they can complete each amino acid composition.

Protein is highly beneficial to your body, the most important factor is the nutritional value that protein contributes to the growth and maintenance of muscles. This macronutrient has an essential role after working out, as it can fuel the muscles with the necessary amino acids to regenerate muscle damage. Protein from plants, especially pea protein, has been proven to be comparable to whey protein in its Glutamine, Lycine and branched-chain amino acid content. Plant and pea proteins are just as beneficial as those from animals.

Scitec Nutrition’s 100% Plant Protein is manufactured from the Pisane® patented protein from peas and it is proven to have high absorption rates. These proteins have no dairy, no gluten, no GMOs and no lactose in them which make them suitable for people with intolerances. When training, this protein is ideal for use after a workout or before going to bed to promote lean muscle growth and to aid muscle recovery. When training, ensure your body gets all the micronutrients it needs by also taking Scitec Nutrition's Vita Greens and Fruits, which contains 26 different organic vegetable and fruit powders and is suitable for vegans. It includes the necessary vitamins and minerals, and adaptogens (Spirulina, Chlorella algae, Barley and Wheatgrass, Reishi mushroom), which are organic ingredients that help your body adapt to stress.

Speaking about the Green Line, Alex Breary UK Marketing Manager from Scitec Nutrition said: “The importance of green products is also increasing with environment-friendly habits. The production of these raw materials needs rather less energy than animal products. If you are a meat eater, you should also think it over to complete your meal dishes with vegetables and try to test meals totally from vegetable origin.”

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