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The Expert Gardener’s Guide to Growing Courgettes

The Expert Gardener's Guide to Growing Courgettes They’re a constant ingredient in the summer kitchen, and now is a great time to start off these oh-sogenerous vegetables, so how do you grow your own courgettes?

The Expert Gardener’s Guide to Growing Courgettes

Keys to Success


You can either begin with seeds or plants – seeds are cheaper and germinate quickly, but buying young plants negates the need for a propagator and you’ll get a harvest more rapidly.


Allow insects (especially bees) to access the flowers, as they help to pollinate them


Cut courgettes regularly – daily in the height of summer – they swell incredibly quickly!


Keep your plants well watered, all those leaves and fruits demand lots of moisture


Don’t just grow green courgettes – experiment with yellow and round stuffing types, too!


Courgettes need warmth and moisture to do well, which makes this an excellent month to start them off. If using seeds, sow one per 10cm pot, water it well and place it in a propagator (ideally a heated one). It will germinate within a week.
Young plants are sensitive to chills and frost, so place them outside only once the weather is settled and mild. Choose a sheltered, sunny spot as this encourages both rapid growth and pollinating insects.

You can grow courgettes in the ground, or in pots. Add plenty of garden compost to soil, or, if using a container opt for a large tub at least 40cm deep and wide, filling it with multipurpose compost. Once in position, firm in gently and water your plant well.
To make life easier, cut the bottom off a large pop bottle, upturn it and half sink it beside your plant – hey presto, watering made simple! Add a balanced liquid feed regularly and then just wait for the harvests to roll in.

To find some courgettes recipies check out the ingredients page here or learn how to grow your own courgetts here.

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