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Treat garden birds to something special

How to ensure you’re feeding them nutritious foods


Treat garden birds to something special

When it comes to attracting wildlife into your garden, one of the most enjoyable ways is to feed the birds. When you ensure high-quality foods are on offer, it doesn’t take long for our feathered friends to spot a tasty treat, and they will come back again and again.

Sunflower hearts and peanut cakes from CJ Wildlife are packed with nutrition and essential calories. As they’re generally favoured by most garden birds, these treats are also a great option to get you started in your efforts to attract more birds. Whether you are feeding clinging species such as blue tits, great tits and goldfinch, or those who prefer to feed on the ground such as robins and blackbirds, the types of feeders on offer are endless. Hanging, wall mounted, pole mounted and feeding tables can take pride of place in any garden, and where space is limited, you can even try a window feeder or multi-feeder to combine foods in one location.

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