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Create a sea of tranquillity with wildlife-friendly lavender

Discover the multitude of benefits this purple plant has to offer


Create a sea of tranquillity with wildlife-friendly lavender

In your efforts to turn your garden into a wildlife haven, you may be in search of wildlife-friendly plants to welcome in bees and other beneficial insects. One way you can inject vibrant colour into your garden for you and your wildlife to enjoy is with a sea of lavender plants.

The fragrant stems of lavender are well-known for their calming aroma used in everything from room sprays to bath salts, but this little plant is about so much more than its beautiful scent. Lavender’s stress-busting properties can aid sleep, whilst its anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties have led to it being a key ingredient in natural skin and hair products. Best of all, lavender can be used to infuse food and drinks – lemon and lavender shortbread anyone?

Bees and other beneficial insects are very attracted to lavender plants, so make an ideal addition to your wildlife garden, where you can enjoy its benefits as much as they can! CJ Wildlife, specialists in wildlife-friendly gardening, is offering a saver pack of 10 Lavender Munstead plants for just £9.99 – there has never been a better time to boost your blooms.

Order an English Lavender ‘Munstead’ Pack of 10 (product code 80139) at while stocks last. Visit

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