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Sara Cox’s top reasons to choose organic

Sara Cox, one of the UK’s best loved radio and TV presenters, and mother of three children, has launched Organic. Feed Your Happy, a campaign to celebrate and share the joy of organic food.

Sara Cox’s top reasons to choose organic
Sara is a daughter of a farmer and knows a thing or two about farming.

She says; “I choose organic because I think it tastes better, it’s gorgeous, and I think it’s good for the animals and good for the planet. Food grown organically is food as it should be. Give me a knobbly misshapen organic strawberry over the weirdly uniform non-organic ones any day. To put it simply, organic food makes me happy.”

7 ways to choose organic and feed your happy

1 Start small – just add 1 or 2 organic items to your shopping basket.

2 Shop for what your budget allows and cook in bulk. Cook extra portions for your evening meal so you can have it for lunch the next day, or freeze them so you have some homemade ready meals on tap.

3 Keep an eye out for offers on organic brands in store and online (there’ll be lots in Organic September). End of day markdowns can make for great savings – but be sure to only buy the foods you actually want and will use!

4 Try an organic delivery box scheme.

5 Plan your meals using foods that make you feel happy. Creating a list of meals for the week goes hand in hand with that shopping list you’ve made. And it’ll help you feel much more relaxed about cooking for your family as you’ve already thought ahead!

6 Look for the organic symbol - Soil Association or Organic Farmers & Growers.

7 Shopping locally: I like supporting my local independent shops, which is also a good way to explore new ideas. It’s so exciting to see lots of different varieties of organic produce, and I love finding an unusual organic product.

The #FeedYourHappy campaign with ambassador Sara Cox celebrates organic food, encouraging people to share why organic food makes them feel happy #FeedYourHappy.

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