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Sadie Frost’s Beauty Secrets

We’ve always been desperate to find out the secrets behind Sadie Frost’s youthful, supple skin. This issue she spills the beans to Paisley Tedder…

Sadie Frost’s Beauty Secrets

Film producer, fashion designer and Veggie columnist, Sadie Frost is quite the woman. Between working on her latest film with production company, Blonde to Black Pictures, or designing her new yoga range, Frost London, it’s a wonder she has the time to look after herself! Approaching her mid-fifties, Sadie’s incredible anti-ageing skincare routine is truly fantastic, and it’s totally achievable for all of us. Here, she shares her top tips…

“Even if you wake up at 6am, you still find yourself rushing to get everything done – like getting sorted and dressed, doing yoga, taking the kids to school and all the other bits we need to sort out in the mornings. I think the key is to come up with a skincare routine which is as unfussy as possible, so you stick to it and associate it with something that takes a few minutes but has to be done, just like brushing your teeth.

“My essential steps for a busy morning include a quick cleanse, a facial massage using a jade roller or a Gua Sha (an ancient technique traditionally used to stimulate the chi in ones face and body to help with lymphatic flow) and to hydrate with plenty of oils to keep the skin looking plump and subtle. I can’t stress the importance of the rollers and Gua Sha enough. They decongest and drain the face, which is excellent for reducing puffy eyes, as well as helping to lift the facial muscles.

“If I’ve got a bit more time, I like to put ice on my face to wake me up which I’d really recommend! If this seems too time-consuming, you can speed things up by using a Cryoball (a handheld device similar to a jade roller) to massage around your eyes. I find these really keep my skin looking young and fresh whilst also supporting the creation of natural collagen."

Find out more about what Sadie had to say by picking up a copy of our May issue, on sale Thursday 25th April from all major retailers.

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