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A-Z of Newby Teas

Newby has made it its mission to revive the lost art of tea making with a range of fine quality teas and accessories. Fancy trying something new? Here's the A-Z of everything Newby Teas...

A-Z of Newby Teas

1. Assam

From climatically contrary north east India, this classic black tea hints at walnuts and molasses, so says Newby's tea taster. Can’t argue with that. Smooth and malty, it’s a great start to the day, and this list.

2. Blueberry

Newby offers a range of 12 eye-catching flowering teas, including the fruity Blueberry. Quite the floral spectacle when it’s in bloom, there’s now no need to buy tea and flowers separately.

3. Classic Selection

Did you know about this one? A big old box of 48 tea bags, with 4 top-rated varieties to try. Good for experimenters, and the indecisive. What to choose?

4. Darjeeling

One of the icons of the tea world. Refreshingly floral with notes of muscatel grape, Darjeeling remains a Himalayan humdinger of a tea.

5. Earl Grey

The citrusy taste of real bergamot oil gives Newby's acclaimed Earl Grey blend some serious credentials. Named after, and loved by, a former Prime Minister. Current PM’s tea preferences as yet unknown.

7. Ginger & Lemon

One of Newby's favourite tisane combos from the Silken Pyramids range, G&L are one of those couples you always wished would get together. Now they have, we can all relax. And drink them.

8. High Mountain

From Newby's premium Oolong Collection, this rich, golden tea is grown at a considerable altitude in Taiwan’s Nantou County. It’s named after what the people at Newby said to the mountain when they found it.

9. Indian Breakfast

This refreshingly light alternative to English Breakfast is not just a tea bag, not just a loose leaf tea, it’s also the Gemini tea in Newby's Zodiac Collection. And like a Gemini, it’s a complex character – a little fruity, a little floral.

10. Jasmine Princess

A luxury green tea which is hand-rolled into pearls. Then Newby adds jasmine blossom. Then takes it out. And starts all over again. It does take a while, but it’s worth it as these Silken Pyramids will prove.

11. Kan-Junga

This aromatic black tea from the Himalayas can only be found in Newby's Silken Pyramids range. Not only is the tea a real treat, but the box – and every sealed sachet inside – feature a total of 33 monkeys. That’s quite a lot of monkeys.

12. Lapsang Souchong

It’s a famous tea for sure, but if you haven’t tried it, you’re missing out on its sweetly strong aroma, chocolatey hue and smoky denouement. And you wouldn’t want that, right?

13. Moroccan Nights

If you’ve been to Morocco, this minty green tea will be a cool reminder of an incredible trip. If you haven’t been, you can pretend you’re there by enjoying a cup while wearing a fez.

15. Oriental Spices

There’s a little bit of everything in Newby's Oriental Spices tea. Newby mixed black and green leaves with black pepper, liquorice, ginger and cinnamon. And cardamom. And aniseed. Oh, and some cloves. Not forgetting the nutmeg. After all that, they had a sit down.

16. Peppermint

Newby could have created a peppermint tisane with lots of dodgy added ingredients. But that’s not good. So, they made it the way it was made back in the day; whole peppermint leaves packed with naturally spicy menthol oils. And nothing else.

18. Rooibos Tiramisu

Newby's Rooibos Tiramisu blend has notes of coffee, chocolate, cocoa… but not tea. Then again, it’s not a tea, but a tisane. And a yummy caffeine-free one at that.

19. Safari Collection

These caddies contain many of Newby's best-loved loose-leaf teas, and sport a variety of animal-themed exteriors. Furry look – yes, furry taste – never.

20. Teapot

And that’s just one of the tea accessories to be found in the Newby e-boutique. Strainers, filters, scoops and cups are some of the others. It’s all taken care of!

21. Unicorn

Found in Newby's Green Teas Carousel Collection, Unicorn’s Earl Green blends green tea leaves and bergamot oil in a verdant spin on Earl Grey. The unicorn shares the space with a leopard and a bunny. Not sure how that would play out in real life...

22. Verbena

Long, lemony leaves are the key to this light after-dinner refresher found in our tea bag range. Virtuously and vibrantly verbena, because there’s nothing else added.

23. Wild Cherry

Just one of Newby's more than 40 loose leaf blends, Wild Cherry is the kind of deep and dynamic tea that adds an intense, fruity kick to the dullest of days. Like a hot cherry pie poured into a cup.

24. Xylophone

Newby Chairman’s fave instrument.

25. Yabukita

The Japanese tea leaves which add intriguing flair to Newby's Sencha Yabukita. Made in the traditional way, this tea has a smooth, rice-like taste, making it quite the discovery.

A-Z of Newby Teas

26. Zamunga

Newby's sweet and fragrant Zamunga – an East African black tea from Newby's Wildlife Collection – rounds off our A-Z of Newby. It’s unforgettable. Because there’s an elephant on it.

And that’s how you travel from India to Africa in 26 steps. With so much to discover along the way, what’s your next tea adventure going to be?

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