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How To Keep Your Healthy Eating Resolutions

Charity supporting food delivery system GIVE Kitchen have the answer...

How To Keep Your Healthy Eating Resolutions

GIVE Kitchen are an award winning, one for one giving, vegan food delivery company who sell products that are 100% ethical, lovingly made and improve your health.

Whether you’re thinking of trying a plant based diet as part of a new year’s resolution to lose a few post-Christmas pounds or as a longer term goal on a mission to improve your health, save animals and help the planet, GIVE Kitchen make it easy to achieve.

GIVE deliver a fresh and tasty range of natural, plant based, whole food ready meals and conveniently deliver them direct to your door, anywhere in the UK. Not only do you get a box of mouth-watering and varied plant based meals, you also help to improve the lives of others, as each time a purchase is made, a nutritious meal is donated to someone who is homeless or less fortunate.

How it works
Simply visit and choose your meals individually or as part of the following packages:

22 Day Vegan Challenge
A great introduction to the wide variation and delicious flavours of a plant based diet.

22 Day Weight Loss Challenge
Ideal for those looking to lose weight in a delicious, healthy and controlled way

8 Day Spiritual Cleansing Box
Perfect for a short-term detox to cleanse, purify and balance body and mind

30 Day Vegan Resolution
Making it easy for those who have pledged to go vegan for January (available to order until the end of the month).

You’ll also get a helpful Starter Pack, filled with useful tips, advice and motivation to support you through your package.
GIVE Kitchen’s experienced and soulful chefs lovingly hand-prepare your meals, package them up for ultimate freshness and deliver to your door. All you need to do is stock up the fridge and enjoy the amazing health benefits.

Only the best, freshest, most natural and nutritious ingredients, free from GMOs, pesticides and other harmful chemicals go into GIVE’s range of flavoursome dishes that are bursting with flavours from around the world.

If you’re looking to improve your health but still want to eat delicious, filling and mouth-watering meals throughout January or as a long term goal, then a whole food plant based diet is ideal for you. If you want it to be incredibly easy, then GIVE Kitchen is definitely for you!

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