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Ethical hotlist: Books and documentaries that will inspire you

The Veggie team rounds up their favourite flicks and reads on all things green...

Ethical hotlist: Books and documentaries that will inspire you

The ethical and environmental impacts of our actions are a hot topic today, and for good reason. From the food we eat, to the clothing we wear, every little item we purchase and consume has an effect on people and the planet. With the sustainability of everything being scrutinised, it's the perfect time to arm yourself with facts about what goes on in the fashion industry, the global impact of the meat industry, how consumerism is impacting our spending habits, and what you can do about the rise of waste and plastic pollution.

Here are six of our favourite ethical films and books to get you started...

1. The True Cost (2015)

After watching this documentary, deputy editor, Rachael was spurred on in her sustainable fashion journey. Aptly named, the film delves into the price that humans and the environment pay for our love of clothing. It pulls back the curtain on an industry that's notoriously tightlipped, and takes a closer look at the people and places behind our apparel. It'll certainly make you think twice about your purchases, and persuade you towards a slow fashion lifestyle.

2. Lucy Siegle, Turning the Tide on Plastic

When this book arrived at the office, editor, Sian couldn’t tear herself away. Every page is packed with Lucy Siegle’s valuable knowledge as an eco expert and broadcaster, backed up with stats and studies, and delivered with persuasive wit. Once you’ve read Turning the Tide on Plastic, we guarantee that you’ll want to join a beach clean immediately, and strengthen your resolve to further reduce your reliance on this material.

Ethical hotlist: Books and documentaries that will inspire you
Image: Orion Books

3. Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things (2015), Netflix

You'll no doubt consider living a simpler life after watching this film. Minimalism follows people who are dedicated to rejecting the ideal that money can buy happiness, and instead live by the motto that less is more. While some of the lifestyles are a bit extreme, it's certainly a great concept that we find encouraging as a way of reconnecting with ourselves, and tapping into what really provides us with satisfaction and happiness. In today's consumerist world, it'll certainly have you looking at things and asking yourself: "Do I really need this?"

4. Kate Arnell, Six Weeks to Zero Waste

Expect to feel empowered and armed with knowledge whilst reading this impactful book from our columnist, Kate Arnell. Aside from its abundance of practical tips, Six Weeks to Zero Waste does a great job of contextualising the need for us to use our spending power to buy into the sort of world we would like to inhabit. With the six-week framework, and plenty of positive steps mentioned in the book, this mission doesn’t feel like a burden of responsibility; instead, you’ll view it as an achievable goal which we can all embark upon.

Ethical hotlist: Books and documentaries that will inspire you

5. Meat: A Threat To Our Planet? (2019), BBC iPlayer

This is a hard watch, but a worthy one. Paisley decided to show this doc to her family: while they’ve flirted with vegetarianism in the past, fully committing to the cruelty-free cause hadn’t quite happened. This documentary provided an insight into the environmental effects of some people’s carnivorous ways, and the poignant subject matter urged Paisley’s parents to have a rethink. It’s definitely one to inspire and help you continue on your vegetarian and ethical living journey.

6. Lauren Bravo, How To Break Up With Fast Fashion

As soon as this book was seen on content writer Paisley's Instagram feed, she knew she had to have it. Even if you’re aware of the implications of fast fashion, it's easy to get sucked into making on-the-spot purchases, but this book will change those fashionobsessed perspectives. Lauren Bravo's humorous, relatable writing will encourage even the biggest fashion addicts to switch up their habits and move into slow-fashion thinking.

Ethical hotlist: Books and documentaries that will inspire you

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