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Essential eco-friendly tools for mini gardeners

Introduce your children to the wonders of gardening


Essential eco-friendly tools for mini gardeners

When it comes to gardening and growing your own food, these fun activities are ideal for the whole family! From watering to growing plants from seeds, the garden is full of opportunities for kids of all ages to grow and develop. But one of the challenges is the reliance on toy-like tools that are often not up to the job.

In response to demand from young gardeners, top gardening brands like Kent & Stowe have created collections that are designed specifically for children that look and feel amazing! The quality and durability are the same as the adult tools, but the children’s ones are smaller and lighter. These beautiful ash and stainless steel tools will give children their first taste of real gardening, and are sure to be cherished for years to come. Kent & Stowe children’s gardening tools are available at mini green fingers, with prices starting from £5.99. Visit

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