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SPONSORED: Top British alcohol brands you need to know about

The UK provides plenty of inspiration for handcrafted beverages

SPONSORED: Top British alcohol brands you need to know about
When it comes to handcrafted spirits and beverages, you needn't look far for delicious drinks. The UK is home to a wealth of award-winning and one-of-a-kind beverages, from gin to seltzers. Here are some of the best British alcohol brands you need to keep on your radar, during summer and beyond.

Highland Boundary

Looking for something totally new and genuinely different? Then try the award-winning vegan spirits from Highland Boundary, which makes a new generation of botanical spirits that capture the flavours of the Scottish wilderness. These quality spirits and liqueurs are truly versatile and appeal to gin, whisky and vodka drinkers alike. They come with a range of amazing cocktail suggestions that will help your party stand out from the crowd, and drinks fans adore breaking away to flavours of the wild. The brand's bright, stand-out gift boxes are perfect as a distinctive gift for someone, too. The small team from Perthshire rely on ancient techniques fused with a fantastic creative flair to craft modern Scottish spirits with new and remarkable flavours. What's more, they're committed to using only 100% Scottish botanicals, are passionate about their sustainable ethics, and, as a result, create spirits that are wonderful and wildly different.

Brighton Gin

Sustainably hand-crafted just a pebble's throw from the sea, Brighton Gin was named Handmade Gin of the Year 2019, and was the UK's first Vegan Society registered craft gin.

Brighton Gin gained the full seal of approval from the Vegan Society in 2018, which certifies that every single element of Brighton Gin is free from animal products. This doesn't just refer to the liquid in the bottle, but means that everything – from the 'Brighton Seafront blue' wax seal, to the glue on the label – is entirely vegan! With its local bicycle home delivery service around Brighton & Hove, and nationwide delivery to your doorstep, the brand is on a mission to make ethical and sustainable gin consumption as simple and enjoyable as possible. Eager to find out what goes into crafting award-winning gins? The company also offers behind-the-scenes distillery tours where you can meet the makers of this small-batch, super premium gin close to Hove Lagoon. You can also get stuck in with a hands-on experience of Brighton Gin’s production process by waxing your own bottle top, sample a gin tasting at the mini bar, and take home a little treat to boot! Come and enjoy the spirit of Brighton!

Bodega Bay

Bodega Bay is a hard seltzer; a refreshing new alcoholic drink trend hotfooting it over from the US but made in Europe. The low-calorie and low-sugar blend of Crafted Clear™ alcohol is made from fruits, sparkling spring water and fruit extracts. Gluten-free and vegan-friendly, it contains no added sugar, sweeteners, colours or preservatives, plus it contains just 72 calories per can and 4% alcohol. Ideal for a refreshing tipple during summer, enjoy your delicious Bodega Bay over ice with a slice of your favourite fruit. For 50% off your first order, just use discount code VEGGIE50 upon checkout and you're all set! Free delivery included.

Wicked Wolf

Wicked Wolf Exmoor Gin is the original award-winning premium handcrafted gin, distilled on the banks of the picturesque River Lyn, North Devon. Launched in September 2015 by husband and wife team Julie Heap and Pat Patel, the distillery produced an average of 400 bottles per week in 2019. Wicked Wolf Exmoor Gin uses the combination of 11 exotic botanicals producing complex layers of citrus and pepper notes, finely balanced with the distinct flavours of juniper and coriander. Hibiscus, lemongrass, cardamom and kaffir lime leaves have been artfully blended with these traditional aromatics. The botanicals are slowly and individually distilled to capture the full gamut of flavour from each botanical. This approach allows for complete control over the strength of each flavour and enables consistency across every batch. The distillates are skilfully blended producing a smooth, elegant and flavourful gin. Wicked Wolf Exmoor Gin truly is “The Spirit of Exmoor”.

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