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SPONSORED: Give it your best shot with The Turmeric Co

Find out more about the company that offers high-quality, nutritious shots powered by the potent root. THIS IS A PROMOTION

SPONSORED: Give it your best shot with The Turmeric Co

At the core of our business — The Turmeric Co. — is delivering a quality, nutritious product that will facilitate balanced diets and increased performance levels for our customers. We’ve done this by creating a range of shots using fresh, raw ingredients that aren’t overly processed — using just a high pressure process (HPP) and nothing else. And the industry is responding positively to the way we are going about things. Indeed, Gideon Remfry, the wellness director of world renowned KX Life & KXU gyms, uses and endorses our products, along with the England Rugby Team.

We aren’t just about delivering quality nutrition, though. We understand that functionality, as well as a great tasting product, are both crucial factors for our customers when it comes to choosing which products will feature regularly in their diets. So, we’ve made things simple and delicious, too. By condensing 35g of raw turmeric root into our functional on-the-go bottles, we offer our customers convenience as well as quality.

The taste of our shots are never compromised either; we've spent years developing recipes that include delicious natural fruits like watermelon and pineapple. These inclusions are designed to balance the sharp taste of raw turmeric. This rigorous commitment to taste was rewarded recently in our inclusion as winners of a Great Taste Award in 2019, where we gained an accolade for our Original Shot. The judging panel described it as “Clean, fresh and invigorating. Well-balanced and eminently palatable. A good example of how a shot can be put together.”

The rest of our range is worth mentioning, too. Our spicy ginger-infused shot carries with it the additional healing effects of raw ginger root, whilst our beetroot shot offers a fantastic pre-workout boost — thanks to its contribution to the prevention of oxidative damage caused during exercise. Our coconut-infused shot is unique too: it's a great source of MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides) and healthy fats with a creamy texture and deliciously sweet taste.

For more information on our products and brand story, please visit us at

Want to try The Turmeric Co's products for yourself? Then enter the New You Contest for a chance to win a prize bundle that includes a one-month supply of Powerful Turmeric Shots, as well as a nutritional guide and FITBIT Charge 3 Health Tracker. Enter here. Competition closes 7th February.

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