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8 Ways To Save The Planet

A climate emergency may be upon us but you can help with these tiny swaps that will make a huge impact!

8 Ways To Save The Planet

1. Use your car less

It may be one of the things people find the most difficult to commit to, but after a few weeks of ditching your car, you'll struggle to remember why you took so long to do it! The alternatives are endless: if possible walk or cycle - your health will benefit, too! Otherwise, take the train, or you could start a car share with someone who lives nearby, and works with or near you.

8 Ways To Save The Planet

2. Say farewell to fast fashion

We know that the endless streams of discounts pouring into your inbox are tempting, but try to think of the bigger picture. The production of clothing is one of the biggest contributors to the climate emergency. We're not saying that you need to give up shopping entirely, but instead of always buying new, try to stick to charity shops, clothing swaps, and apps like DePop, where you can get pre-loved clothes at a great price.

8 Ways To Save The Planet

3. Switch to refillable beauty products

It may seem like a difficult task, but so many of our favourite cruelty-free beauty brands are making it easier to be eco-wise by providing refill options. Even The Body Shop has joined in, and you can now refill your own shower gel at the brand's new flagship store on Bond Street. It's an easy way to ditch excess plastic and reduce your waste overall!

4. Go vegetarian

If you're reading this, chances are that you've ticked this box already. But, even if you're new to the veggie vibe, and are just testing the waters for #MeatFreeMonday, reducing your meat intake can make a big difference. In fact, research published last year in the journal, Science, stated that 'avoiding meat and dairy is the single biggest way to reduce your impact on earth'. Think you'll miss the meat? Think again! You can find plenty of tasty recipe inspo for any time of day here.

8 Ways To Save The Planet

5. Go paperless

Easy peasy. Switch your banking to online and limit your junk mail in minutes.

6. Eat with the seasons

Cutting down on your carbon footprint means eating locally-sourced seasonal produce. This guide to eating with the seasons is great, plus you can find recipes that highlight our own seasonal superheroes in every issue of the mag, which you can subscribe to here.

7. Start composting

If you're not already, this is a great way to help your garden and the creatures in it. Rather than throwing away inedible produce and kitchen scraps, create a compost that can then be used to fertilise your soil, enrich its nutrient content, and help feed little critters at the same time!

8. Bulk buy

This one's simple enough, plus it can be applied to all aspects of your life, from food, to beauty, health, and wellbeing products! Bulk-buying saves on packaging and often works out more budget-friendly in the long-run!

Want to reduce your food print, too? We have plenty of advice!

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