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7 Showstopping Vegan Bakes

Delicious plant-based delicacies to enjoy in honour of the Great British Bake Off's first Vegan Week

7 Showstopping Vegan Bakes

2. Double Chocolate Doughnuts

These are great fun to make with friends if you're having a baking session. The best part is dipping them in chocolate and adding your favourite topping!

7 Showstopping Vegan Bakes

3. Mushroom and Leek Pie

Fresh veg smothered in creamy garlic sauce, served in crisp, golden pastry. This dish is particularly good with fluffy roast potatoes and a splash of vegan gravy.

7 Showstopping Vegan Bakes

4. Vegan Pavlova with Fresh Fruit

Just one example of the wonder that is aquafaba. Although this is traditionally a summer dessert (thanks to the sweet seasonal berries), it's so delicious it can be enjoyed all year round!

7 Showstopping Vegan Bakes

5. Aine Carlin's Flatbread Pizza

This cheese-less pizza is not only great for vegans, but also for those looking to cut down on dairy. You could even add some olives or pine nuts for a bit of extra bite.

6. Naughty Vegan Brownies

Who says vegan food can't be indulgent? These gorgeous brownies are oozing with gooey chocolate and just begging to be eaten.

7 Showstopping Vegan Bakes

7. The Ultimate Vegan Wedding Cake

Inspired by the Royal Wedding, this three-tiered cake features melt-in-the-mouth lemon sponge flavoured with elderflower syrup and topped with vegan buttercream icing - heaven!

7 Showstopping Vegan Bakes

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