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6 Fun Ways With Fresh Produce

Sink into August with these delicious ideas from Anna Jones- click on the photos for recipes!

6 Fun Ways With Fresh Produce

1. Try roasted veggies

I keep my roasting dish to hand all year round. I love to flash-roast peppers, broad beans (pod-and-all) and radishes in a hot oven, bringing smokiness and with it a big, brash boost of flavour.

6 Fun Ways With Fresh Produce

2. Gather some wild garlic

Wild garlic lines our hedgerows, paths and parks. You can smell it a mile off, so it’s pretty easy to know you have the right stuff. While the leaves will smell very garlicky in the hedgerows as you pick them, they will mellow as they cook, so don’t panic!

6 Fun Ways With Fresh Produce

3. Freshen up soups and stews

There's still a chill in the air some summer days in Britain, so soups and veg stews are a mainstay; try topping them with a fresh herb oil or quick pesto to freshen things up. Blitz half a bunch of herbs with a little oil, a squeeze of lemon and if you like, a tablespoon of nuts (pistachio and parsley is a favourite combo).

6 Fun Ways With Fresh Produce

4. Keep some salted lemons in the fridge

Quick salted lemons (not quite preserved) go so beautifully with lots of stews, soups or salads. To make them, peel the zest of four unwaxed lemons into long strips with a speed peeler, then put the strips in a pan with all their juice and a hearty pinch of salt and bring to the boil. Simmer for 10 minutes, then remove from the heat and leave to cool.

6 Fun Ways With Fresh Produce

5. Rhubarb isn’t just for custard

Rhubarb’s spiritual home is under a rubble of crumble with custard, but it’s far too delicious to save just for pudding. Its acidity makes it a perfect partner to stand up to the richness of cheese, or a crisped roast potato, try slicing it thin and pickling it, or tossing it into a tray of vegetables for roasting.

6 Fun Ways With Fresh Produce

6. Break out the basil

The glorious scent of fresh basil makes my mouth water like no other food I know. I love it in salads, on pasta and in tomato and mozzarella paninis.

6 Fun Ways With Fresh Produce

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