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5 ways to overhaul your snack drawer

Are hidden calories lurking in your snacks?

5 ways to overhaul your snack drawer

If you’re always grazing between meals, you’re not alone! WE love a good snack here at Veggie HQ, but that constant munching often leaves us wondering whether we’re choosing the healthiest options.

Snacking can be part of a balanced diet, providing energy and nutrients, and helping us to avoid overeating at meal times. However, it’s important to choose healthy options in order to avoid consuming too many calories, and to steer clear of that dreaded post-sugar slump.

Here are five easy ways to reboot your snack drawer, so you can enjoy nibbles the healthy way…

1. Go au natural

Fruits and vegetables make perfect snacks, so consider easy-to-eat options such as celery, bananas, grapes, oranges, or even dried fruit.

2. Take a dip

If you can plan ahead, cut up some crudites to eat with cottage cheese or hummus.

3. Fuel up

Rice cakes with nut butter, a bagel with low-fat cheese spread, and plain popcorn are great for fuel and fibre.

4. Pack in the protein

To add a bit of extra protein between meals, turn to a small handful of nutrient-dense walnuts, a boiled egg, or baked chickpeas.

5. Get creative

IF you have more time, why not make your own cereal bars with oats, a nut butter, and mixed nuts or seeds? You could also make popcorn with a sprinkle of flavourings like smoked paprika or cinnamon, and even baked fruit or vegetable crisps.

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