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10% off your first order from GIVE Kitchen!

Try this new vegan food company today...

10% off your first order from GIVE Kitchen!

GIVE Kitchen lovingly prepare nutritious plant based, vegan wholefood and conveniently deliver it to direct to your door, whether it be your home or office anywhere in the UK.

Give kitchen

At GIVE, the cooks believe that eating clean, plant based and wholesome food keeps your mind, body and soul in perfect balance, whilst contributing to saving the planet by reducing greenhouse gasses and deforestation and helping to decrease unnecessary suffering to animals.

Give kitchen

GIVE is the perfect solution for those who already lead a vegan lifestyle and would benefit from the convenience of having fresh and nutritious plant based meals delivered to their door. GIVE is also ideal for those looking to take the step from vegetarianism to veganism or to those who are looking to detox, lose weight and tone up from eating a cleaner and healthier diet.

GIVE offers a delicious range of lunches, main meals, energy balls and luxury truffles, made with 100% organic, wholesome and plant based ingredients, lovingly created by the expert chefs. The meals are bursting with flavours from around the world, all designed to delight the senses!

Give kitchen

You can order as little or as much as you like from GIVE Kitchen, why not try the individual meals for convenience or as a taster? You also have the option to sign up to a 22 Day Challenge to ensure you’re experiencing the whole GIVE journey and the amazing benefits of adopting a plant based diet.

The 22 Day Challenges include: the 22 Day Vegan Challenge, the 22 Day Get Lean and Toned Challenge, the 22 Day Building and Performance Challenge they also offer an 8 Day Spiritual Cleansing Box.

Give kitchen

GIVE 2040 Foundation

GIVE Kitchen makes up part of the GIVE 2040 Foundation, founded by Paul Hampson and Dario Curcillo and aims to eradicate hunger, poverty and disease by 2040.

Give kitchen

For each GIVE Kitchen purchase made, the company donates a fresh and nutritious meal to those who are homeless or less fortunate. Since its launch in June this year, GIVE Kitchen has already given over 200 meals to the homeless or towards homeless focussed charity events.

10% Off Your First Order for all Veggie Readers!

If you would like to experience the amazing health benefits of eating vegan, plant based food, along with helping our planet, animals and the homeless, GIVE are offering all Veggie readers 10% off their first GIVE Kitchen order! Simply enter the code GIVEVRM when placing your order online to redeem your exclusive discount.

For further information on GIVE, please call our friendly team on 0330 999 3 888, drop us an email at or visit our website

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