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10 Easy Recipes to Enjoy This National Vegetarian Week

Feast your eyes on these delicious offerings and enjoy all week long!

10 Easy Recipes to Enjoy This National Vegetarian Week

It’s finally here! The week the nation celebrates plant-based living and all the wonderful aspects of being a vegetarian has arrived. Naturally, the Veggie team has an array of spectacular surprises planned for this special occasion, so be sure to keep an eye on our social feeds for your chance to win some amazing veggie prizes, an array of great recipes to try, plus advice from our veggie expert panel!

Whether you’re a newbie, flexitarian or long-term veggie veteran, you can get on board and enjoy delicious meat-free meals for the week. We’ve got some seriously tempting ideas to try – scroll down to see them, or browse our full website for a wealth of inspiration. Don’t forget to use #VeggieReaderRecipe on social media to show us the fruits of your labour!

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