The Shortlist

The knowledgeable Veggie team have judged each item, based on the criteria set for each category, and created a shortlist of the products in each category.

Our celebrity judges will rate the products according to the criteria set for each category. They will then select their winners and highly commended products.

The award winners will be announced in the July issue of Veggie magazine, on sale 25th June.

Vegetarian Cupboard Category


Dry ingredients, pasta, rice, pantry staples

  • Purition Golden Milk Smoothie Wholefood Nutrition
  • Bellygoodness Curry Sauce
  • Bellygoodness Nomato
  • Quorn Wondergrains
  • Pelagonia Aivar
  • Ocado Runny Honey
  • Tarantella Organic Tomato Passata
  • M&S Plant Kitchen Golden Syrup Porridge
Drinks category


Teas, soft drinks, vegetarian and vegan wines

  • James White Organic Carrot Juice
  • Pulsin Ready To Drink Protein Shake – Iced Coffee
  • Caleño 'Juniper & Inca Berry' Non-Alcoholic Spirit
  • Mindful Chef Smoothies
  • Jimmy's Oat Flat White
  • Aclis by Spritzer Silicawater
  • Café Saula's Premium Organic Coffee Beans
  • M&S Digestive Shot
  • M&S Plant Kitchen Carrot, Mango & Turmeric Smoothie
  • M&S Plant Kitchen Cherry, Beetroot & Acai Smoothie
on the go snacks category


Crisps, chocolate bars, cereal bars, savoury snacks

  • This Isn't Chicken Tikka Pieces
  • PLAYin CHOC ToyChoc Box
  • Eat Natural Breakfast Bars Almond & Wholegrain Oat
  • Eat Natural Fibre Packed
  • Brynmor Flapjack Caramel Fudge
  • NINE Peanut Seed Bar
  • Indie Bay Snacks Pretzel Bites Dark Chocolate
  • Crazy Jack Soft, Ready To Eat Apricots
  • Cuzena – Ful Madamous
  • Pieminster Chana-Rama Patties
  • Boundless Activated Snacks – Orange, Ginger & Maple
  • Kate Percy's Go Bites Coconut & Date

fridge/freezer category


Meat alternatives, vegetarian sausages, burgers, mince

  • Fieldfare Quinoa, Beetroot and Edamame Burger
  • Ginsters Vegan Quorn Pasty
  • The Real Yorkshire Pudding Co Meat Free Toad in the Hole
  • Mindful Chef Frozen Meals
  • Simply Ice Cream Stem Ginger and Marmalade
  • Simply Ice Cream Sublime Strawberry
  • COOK Portobello Mushroom Risotto
  • COOK Roasted Vegetable Wellington
  • Ocado Vegan Chicken Style Nuggets
  • Heck Ultimate Vegan Burger
  • M&S Plant Kitchen No Chicken Kiev
  • M&S Plant Kitchen Green Thai Curry
Vegan cupboard category


Plant-based pantry staples, dried foods, grains

  • Just Love Food Company Vegan Chocolate Cake
  • Sacla Vegan Caesar Salad Dressing
  • Sacla Whole Cherry Tomato with Basil Pasta Sauce
  • Nutcessity Date & Walnut Butter
  • Haskapa Berry Powder
  • HerbaLife Tri Blend Select Coffee Caramel Protein Drink Mix
  • Lizi's Digestive Health Granola
  • Ocado Coconut Milk
  • Crosta & Mollica Piadina Organic Wholeblend Italian Flatbreads
  • Crosta & Mollica Piadina Durum Wheat Italian Flatbreads
vegan snacks category


Plant-based chocolate, sweets, savoury snacks

  • Bepps Snacks Black Eyed Pea Puffs Sweet Chilli Flavour
  • Two Farmers Lightly Salted Crisps
  • OGGS Zesty Lemon Cake
  • Supertreats Almond Hazelnut Crunch Carob Bar
  • Creative Nature Allergy Safe Gnawbles
  • GOSH! Sweet Potato Pakora
  • PLAYin CHOC ToyChoc Box
  • Eat Real Lentil Chips (Mango & Mint)
  • Brynmor Flapjack Cashew & Coconut
  • NINE Berry & Chia Seed Bar
  • Mallow Puffs Mallow Bars
  • Tyrrells Sweet Chilli & Red Pepper Potato Crisps
  • Tyrrells Veg Crisps Balsamic Vinegar & Sea Salt
  • Crespo Pitted Green Olives with herbs & garlic
  • M&S Spicy Coconut Popped Corners
vegan fridge/freezer category


Plant-based milk, cheese, desserts, ice-cream

  • This Isn't Bacon Rashers
  • Goodfella's Vegan Spicy Vegetable Salsa Pizza
  • Higgidy Miso Mushroom Vegan Rolls
  • Bannisters Yorkshire Family Farm Garlic & Rosemary Roasting Potatoes
  • Quorn Battered/Breaded Fishless Fillets
  • Squeaky Bean Fluffy American-Style Pancakes
  • The Cultured Collective White Miso & Turmeric Kimchi
  • Califia Farms Oat Barista Blend
  • Riverford Vegan Organic Recipe Box
  • Mindful Chef frozen Meals
  • Milkadamia Unsweetened Milk
  • Saintly Foods British Apple Tart
  • Heck Thai Style Vegan
Haircare Category


Shampoos, conditioners, hair serums

  • Mahi Naturals BioKap Root Touch-Up Spray
  • Biovène Barcelona Moisture Volume Biotin & Apple Cider Shampoo-in-a-bar
  • Tropic Nourishing Hair Cleanser
  • Ayumi Argan and Sandalwood Shampoo
  • Ayumi Argan and Sandalwood Conditioner
  • Noughty To The Rescue Intense Moisture Hair Treatment
  • Green People Intensive Repair Conditioner
  • Authentic Beauty Concept Glow Mask
  • Authentic Beauty Concept Hydrate Cleanser
  • The Body Shop Anti-Dandruff Shampoo
Crulety free bodycare category


Body creams, scrubs, body washes

  • Freya + Bailey Rendezvous Souffle Body Cream
  • Kiss The Moon Dream Night Cream For Feet
  • SELF Fine Delicate Body Butter
  • H2k Harrogate Lavender and Sandalwood Relaxing Bubble Bath
  • The Body Shop Shea Nourishing Body Butter
Cruelty free skincare


Moisturisers, cleansers, serums, exfoliators

  • Mahi Naturals Crazy Rumours Lip Balm
  • Freya + Bailey Doyenne! Miracle Face Serum
  • Naya Everyday Glow Serum
  • Naya Renew Cacay Oil +
  • Eco By Sonya Driver Eye Compost
  • Tropic Super Greens Nutrient Boost Oil
  • Q&A Skin Collagen Face Cream
  • Viridian Nutrition Ultimate Beauty Organic Skin Repair Topical Oil
  • Green People Fruitful Night Cream
  • Weleda Pomegranate Firming Facial Oil
Make-up category


Cruelty-free and vegan lipsticks, mascaras, eyeshadows, blushers

  • Mahi Naturals Emani Soy Mascara
  • Lily Lolo Cream Foundation
  • Lily Lolo Natural Mascara
  • Lily Lolo Vegan Lipstick
  • Honeypie Minerals Mineral Foundation
  • Honeypie Minerals Mineral Blusher
  • Tropic Kiss Me Quick Lipstick
  • Jane Iredale 24 Karat Gold Dust
  • Jane Iredale Purepressed Blush Queen Bee
  • Catrice Clean ID Volume & Lengthening Mascara
Vegan Haircare


Plant-based shampoos, conditioners, hair treatments

  • Penny Price Nurture Rose and Lavender Shampoo
  • Evolve Organic Beauty Superfood Shine Natural Shampoo
  • Ayumi Naturals Hibiscus & Turmeric Shampoo
  • Ayumi Naturals Hibiscus & Turmeric Conditioner
  • Ayumi BioActive Detoxify Hair Oil
  • Ishga Organic Seaweed Shampoo
  • Noughty Care Taker Scalp Soothing Tonic
  • Authentic Beauty Concept Glow Cleanser
  • Authentic Beauty Concept Hydrate Mask
vegan bodycare category


Plant-based body lotions, body washes, exfoliators

  • Freya + Bailey Crave! Stimulating Body Scrub
  • Ruby Cup Menstrual Cup
  • Penny Price Wake Up and Energize Body Scrub
  • Evolve Organic Beauty African Orange Aromatic Hand & Body Lotion
  • Tropic Body Smooth Refreshing Polish
  • Urban Veda Purifying Body Lotion
  • Urban Veda Soothing Body Wash
  • Ishga Hebridean Sea Salt Scrub
  • Beauty Kitchen The Sustainables Organic Vegan Body Wash
  • YES Water-Based Lubricant
  • Flowerazzi Magnolia & Pink Orchid Body Butter
vegan skincare category


Plant-based serums, facial oils, scrubs

  • Whitfords Hemp & Algae Face Cream
  • Lucky Cloud Skincare Nourishing Cleansing Balm
  • Eco By Sonya Driver Super Fruit Toner
  • Evolve Organic Beauty Liquid Radiance Glycolic Toner
  • Beauty Cleanse Skincare Mean Green Superfood Drops
  • Q+A Skincare Caffeine Eye Serum
  • Urban Veda Radiance Replenishing Cream
  • Urban Veda Reviving Facial Exfoliating Polish
  • Green People Gentle Cleanse & Make-Up Remover
  • Kypwell Black Cold Carob Superfood Mask
  • REN Perfect Canvas Clean Jelly Oil Cleanser


Packaging without plastic, products using alternatives to single-use plastic

  • Herbfarmacy Calendula & Mint Hand Cream
  • Herbfarmacy Rose & Mallow Facial Oil
  • Biovène Barcelona Hydrate Repair Argan Oil & Mint Conditioner-in-a-bar
  • Tropic Colour Palette
  • Vegums
  • Le Toy Van Bunny Train
  • PLAYinCHOC ToyChoc Box
  • Riverford Zero Packaging Organic Veg Box
  • Truthpaste Original Peppermint & Wintergreen
  • Dr Bronner's Lavender Pure-Castile Bar Soap
  • Pieminster Kevin
  • Blue Goose Organic Peruvian Eco Coffee Pods
  • Blue Goose Organic Swiss Water Decaf Coffee Eco Pods
  • Rhythm 108 Double Choc-Hazelnut Ooh-la-la Biscuits Share Bag
Everyday Essentials


Toothbrushes, deodorants, supplements, protein powders

  • Nature Provides LipoC
  • Nature Provides Ayurvedic Shilajit+
  • Schweet Savage
  • Nutravita Organic Turmeric with Ginger & Black Pepper
  • Kinn Eco Friendly Neroli Laundry Detergent
  • Kinn Eco Friendly Neroli Fabric Conditioner
  • BetterYou Vegan Health Oral Spray
  • Truthpaste: Peppermint and Wintergreen
  • Dr Bronner's Peppermint All-One Toothpaste
  • Together Organic Iodine Seaweed Supplement